Hospitals are requiring patients to pay first.

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Pay up front or postpone your medical procedure.

That’s the choice Al Herring, 64, of Lansing, says he was forced to make when McLaren Greater Lansing required him to pay $1,105 prior to a May cardiac catheterization. He sought medical treatment because he was out of breath and then failed a heart stress test.

Herring works full time and has health insurance. He was stunned when he got a call two days prior to his May 15 procedure informing him that payment was needed immediately to cover estimated out-of-pocket costs.

“They said they would not do the service without the money,” he said. “You don’t look at hospitals as a cash-up-front business.”

He ended up postponing the procedure for more than two weeks while he gathered the money. He now realizes he was at high risk for a heart attack during that period.

McLaren officials last week said they are rethinking their “point-of-service” policy after I relayed Herring’s story to them.


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