Why won’t the consultants help me?

By Zechariah Richardson: For More Info, Go Here…

Alas it was the same old, I explain to them how I am housebound and in constant pain and that moving the leg brings a lot more pain and so moving, transferring to and from the wheelchair is, well scary, I am always anxious or fearful and this has destroyed my life.

But no, they cannot empathise, they refuse to understand and actually see that this is the only way where I would then be free to move without fear of pain and basically be free.

I cannot understand how a consultant cannot understand when I explain that the situation means that at times I have suicidal thoughts or that I will be forced to comprimise the limb. It is either that they think I am trying to bullshit them or they literally have no compassion?

He sent me for an X-Ray and blood tests which is clearly just an attempt to make me think they are actually doing something.

After all he said that they wont replace the knee replacement and won’t amputate and so it’s all pointless, this has been going on for 9 years!!!

I am not stupid, I know I am making a request that is quite shocking but it’s simple. When I move that knee joint I am in agony. Take away the knee joint and that cause of pain will be gone and yes I know I will likely get pain from the amputation but it won’t be made worse by moving.

I want to sit on the floor and play with my grandchildren, I want to go swimming to improve my health, I want to get out and about in my wheelchair instead of being stuck at home on the settee.

I have no dreams of being able to walk using a prosthetic, I know I will still have pain, I have researched this very thoroughly via online documents, articles and talking to people who have had elective amputation and have said it was the right decision.

  • Surely I have a right to decide?
  • Surely they have a duty to help me?
  • Surely they can’t believe leaving me like this is right?

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