2,200+ have died waiting on Social Security hearing since 2011, disability advocate says

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ngd- I remember how surprised I was to learn that SSA had a PR strategy in its policy manual for the situation where a person died waiting for a hearing and the narrative found its way into a local news outlet. Also, the rules for pre-hearing disability determination are set up to deny 2/3rds of applicants even though half of the denials are wrong based on the law…

Social Security Disability is a system citizens pay into, and should receive if injured or suffering illness and are unable to work.

But thousands never see that money. Instead, they die waiting for a hearing or decision on their claim.

Every paycheck, money is withheld for Social Security.

“Most Americans pay into this system, putting money away for a dark hour,” says Seth Carguiolo with Citizens Disability, LLC. “It is an earned benefit much like social security retirement.”

A person who becomes disabled, sick, or cannot work for medical reasons can apply to receive Social Security Disability payments.

If the initial claim is approved you get a check, but SSA says most claims are denied the first time.

The claimant can apply for reconsideration, it if is rejected again there’s one more chance, a hearing.

“Were I disabled, and I lived in South Carolina, I would really hope my hearing would be at the Columbia office,” says Cargiuolo.

The Social Security Administration’s website shows the number of days until the final disposition hearing comparing Charleston and Columbia.

  • Charleston:
    2019 – 516 days
    2018 – 680 days
    2017 – 684 days
    2016 – 568 days
  • Columbia:
    2019 – 443 days
    2018 – 531 days
    2017 – 657 days
    2016 – 690 days

Charleston started soaring past Columbia in 2017 as claimants waited longer.

“Since we started doing this, it been more than 2,200 claimants (nationwide) who have died waiting for their claim to be handled,” says Cargiuolo.

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