How the Healthcare Staff Shortage Affects Rural America

By Adrian Johansen: For More Info, Go Here…

Healthcare is an exploding industry that, in many ways, is threatening to come apart at the seams. The problem isn’t the quality of service or even access to insurance, so much as it is dealing with the rapidly increasing demand for healthcare professionals. To put it simply, there is a general shortage of trained individuals available to fill the numerous needs in hospitals and healthcare facilities throughout the United States. It’s becoming a more serious issue than many realize.

According to recent reports by CNN, a staggering 2.3 million new healthcare workers will be needed by 2025 in order to handle the correlating rising tide of demand, much of which will be created by the rapidly aging baby boomer population.

But if one digs a bit deeper, an even bigger problem emerges. A majority of places in the United States that lack an adequate number of healthcare professionals are located in rural areas. The epidemic has grown to such astounding proportions that the National Rural Health Association has gone so far as to declare the problem a “health care crisis with no end in sight.”

Looking at the facts, their declaration hardly comes as a surprise. From the perspective of healthcare professionals, working in larger cities makes much more sense from a compensation perspective alone.

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