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Recent EMF News:

New: The long-awaited documentary Generation Zapped has now been released on multiple platforms. This ground breaking documentary by filmmaker Sabine El Gemayel presents compelling information from the leaders of the cell phone awareness movement worldwide. It is well edited, informative and convincing. This is one film you will want to show to your reluctant family, friends, and school and government officials. They will come away with a different perspective than they had before watching it. To see the trailer, click here. To order the DVD, click here. To order on iTunes, clickhere. To order on Amazon, click here. To order on Google Play, click here. To order on Vimeo, click here

New: Dr. Joe Mercola has posted an article on his website featuring information on EMFs that Oram described during his interview by Xiren Kenny, on Xiren’s blog, Know How Things Work, recorded in March 2017. Dr. Mercola’s article summarizes the points we make in the building biology profession about some of the lesser known types of EMFs hidden within all homes, most notably 60 Hz AC electric and magnetic fields from house wiring, and their potential impact on a family’s health. To see Dr. Mercola’s article, including a link to Xiren’s interview of Oram, click here.

New: An eight-part series of EMF presentations by Oram and his colleagues from the Building Biology profession is now available on the Building Biology Institute’s website, on their Videos and online courses page. These were taped in February 2017 at the headquarters of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI). They include such topics as measuring EMFs, which meters to use, an overall assessment of indoor environmental hazards, ungrounded appliances, wiring errors, magnetic fields in your home and in your neighborhood from outdoor sources, and healthy home construction. To view direct links to these topics, click here.

Note: The Nation magazine has released online an expose, to be published as a cover story in their April 23, 2018 print edition, on the lengths to which the cell phone industry has actively hidden and distorted the information over the decades that radio frequency radiation from wireless devices causes harm to people. It also discusses how things will be worse, with no prior testing, from the rollout of the next (fifth) generation, or 5G, of cell phone technology, part of the “Internet of Things” (IoT). Entitled, “How Big Wireless Made Us Think That Cell Phones Are Safe: A Special Investigation: The disinformation campaign–and massive radiation increase–behind the 5G rollout.”, the article was written by Mark Hertsgaard and Mark Dowie. Both authors have written extensively in the past on how various industries have hidden unsupportive research. To read the Nation magazine article on cell phones, click here.

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