MHAM Letter from Lansing – May

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Where Some Current Mental Health Advocacy Issues in Michigan Stand:

Section 298

Will pilots actually begin October 1? Saginaw CMH has just withdrawn from its pilot. We don’t know what that means for moving forward. Senate budget language for Fiscal Year-20 has several negative points designed to push the ultimate outcome of pilots in favor of Medicaid Health Plans (MHPs). For example, pilot CMHs would have to pass a readiness review, but pilot MHPs would not. (The Senate calls for 3-year pilots.) House budget language is not as bad, but in a separate section (974),  the House has language that CMH Medicaid clients with intellectual or developmental disability can select providers outside CMH networks if that can be arranged. (Length of time for 298 pilots in the House is two years.) MDHHS has given up on the idea of bidding out mental health management of pilot-area Medicaid beneficiaries who are not enrolled in MHPs. U-M evaluators say pilot results will be compared to the “rest of the state,” but with Wayne, Oakland, Macomb and the U.P. excluded from the “rest of the state.” Both Senate & House have language permitting a new demo project on integration in Oakland. There is confusion right now about whether and when the public has an opportunity to comment on the MDHHS 298 Medicaid waiver.


Federal parity law is the responsibility of states to monitor, enforce and report on. The mental health community in Mich. has drafted 4 bills to require that this be adequately done in our state. We are presently looking for sponsors, and have suggested to the Governor’s office that she endorse this.

Independent Mediation of Consumer Complaints re Service/Support Planning/Delivery

We have been working with several entities, including MDHHS, to create this option for CMHSP consumers. The mediation, in which both parties must participate, would be non-binding. If it doesn’t resolve the situation, the complainant retains all other grievance/appeal/rights mechanisms under law. Progress has been made, and we’re closer to having a bill introduced.

And many more issues….

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