25 ‘Ridiculous Triggers’ That Can Cause a Chronic Illness Flare

By Erin Migdol: For More Info, Go Here…

Most people wouldn’t be too surprised to hear that things like exercise or certain foods can set off a symptom flare when you have a chronic illness. But as any chronic illness warrior knows, there is a whole range of somewhat ridiculous things that can set off symptoms that you wouldn’t think could have such an impact.

Mighty user trulyhadleydeeply posted a question to the community about her own “ridiculous” triggers:

The question got some fascinating answers, from beef gravy to crying to sunglasses (read them all here), and we wanted to hear what more of you thought. So we asked our Mighty chronic illness community on Facebook to share the “ridiculous” triggers they experience. Be sure to leave a comment with your own random, bizarre or unexpected triggers you experience. If you find yourself avoiding some seemingly “safe” things because they might trigger your symptoms, you’re not alone!

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