Important Information for Parents and Friends of Young People Experiencing Psychosis

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Lessons Learned from Young Adult Graduates of EASA

Tips for communicating

It can be hard to put yourself in the shoes of someone with psychosis, and miscommunications might occur.
Also, it may take the person longer to understand what you are saying, or to speak.
Sometimes the individual may not be able to stay in the same room as you or carry out a conversation for longer than few minutes. Whatever they can do should be encouraged without judgment.
Here are tips from young people who have been there:
» Please slow down and give me as much time to speak as I need.
» Don’t tell me I’m wrong. Listen to me and try to understand what I’m saying, what I’m experiencing, and how I feel.
» Only ask me one question at a time, and give me time to answer.
» Try to keep things simple and concrete.
» Break things into simple steps.
» Write things down to help me remember.

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