My Daughter Hears Voices And Chills Out With Them In A Jazz Club…In Her Head

By Caia Payne: For More Info, Go Here…

I have a 13-year-old daughter who is different.

She hears voices.

Not like when your conscience gives you a friendly nudge to resist that bar of chocolate you’ve tucked behind the cornflakes so your kids don’t find it.

She hears voices as if they are in the same room. Speaking. As sound.

According to BBC journalist, James Melley, an estimated 1 in 12 children hears voices. That’s a staggering figure. In an average class of school children at least two of them will hear voices.

But it’s hardly talked about. ‘Depression’ and ‘anxiety’ are the buzz words in children’s mental health these days.

Voices? That’s crazy shit, right?

The lady with the pointy shoes.

My daughter has always seen things in the world which others miss. She notices more.

When she was five, around the time her father moved out, she saw ghosts. These apparitions would visit her regularly and she even gave them names — two of them were called Bob and Karen. For a long time, we referred to Karen as ‘the lady with the pointy shoes’.

The obvious explanation was that these were imaginary friends and it was sweet, even if a little spooky. So I brushed it off.

Once we moved house, she didn’t see the ghosts anymore. Talking about them with her now, she still maintains they were as real as you or me.

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