Nurse Suicide: Under the Radar

by Shannon Firth: For More Info, Go Here…

In late November 2018, a nurse in Southern California took her own life.

“Dana” arrived by ambulance, unresponsive, at the emergency department where she had worked for nearly 20 years, and was cared for by her own colleagues before a transfer to a nearby hospital’s critical care unit.

Three days later, Dana was declared brain-dead. She was 47.

“She would walk by and give you a big smack on the ass, like ‘Good morning. I’m here,'” said Naomi Kelley, RN, a nurse colleague.

Despite sometimes seeming frazzled when she arrived for work — wet hair, coffee in hand — Dana was able to make people smile, feel listened to, and feel validated, remembered Kelley.

“She had such a radiance that I kind of always looked forward to working when I saw her there, because she just, she was such a bright personality,” said Rhonda Simpson, RN, another one of Dana’s colleagues.


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