Addressing Systemic Issues In The Care Of Depression: Reflections On Ashley Clayton’s “Narrative Matters” Essay

By Samuel T. Wilkinson: For More Info, Go Here…

Major depressive disorder is now the leading cause of disability worldwide. In the April issue of Health AffairsAshley Clayton’s essay, “On Thin Ice: My Struggle to Access Lifesaving Mental Health Care,” provides a harrowing narrative of her efforts to navigate a complex and fragmented health care system to access an emerging but very effective depression treatment, all the while struggling to ward off debilitating suicidal thoughts. While it is fortunate that she was finally able to access this treatment, her story highlights several system-level issues that affect both access to clinical care and the development of improved treatments for depression: lack of coordinated care, lack of access to care, issues in off-label use of medications, and bridging the gap between clinical research and clinical care.

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