All On Medicare: When did you become radicalized by the U.S. health care non-system?

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My partner went to ER for food poisoning. There less than 3 hrs. CT, stool culture, 1 bag of saline, 1 dose of Zofran. Bill: $10k. After discounts for self-pay he paid $5K. Still would not have met the $6K deductible if he had continued paying $700/mo for Obamacare insurance

When I worked in healthcare administration in a relatively poor community…I would see hospital bills for only one or two days cost over 100k. The highest I saw was almost 2 million.

When my sister-in-law died of brain cancer, which bankrupted their family. We lost her and her family lost everything else. This shouldn’t happen. No one should die for lack of funds or insurance. No families should lose their homes.

When I had surgery in college and they went into the wrong kidney AND proceeded to charge me for “exploring” both ( they should have only gone into 1 to remove a stone and some scar tissue).

When my employer told me I needed to come back to work or else my families health insurance would lapse. I took that phone call while sitting in a PICU room next to my 4-year-old who was in a medically induced coma.

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