22 Tattoos That Bring People Hope While Living With Chronic Illness

By Cassidy Colbert: For More Info, Go Here…

When you have a chronic illness, that feeling of hopelessness can creep in at times. Through all the flares, setbacks and difficult days, it can be tough some days to hold onto hope.

As Mighty contributor Ashley Creveling wrote, “On days with pain, fatigue or other illnesses, life can feel so daunting, so dark… It’s easy to forget the reasons for your fight. Yet in those moments, it’s imperative that you remember your reasons to keep pushing on.”

One way many of those with chronic illness remind themselves of their reasons for pushing on is through tattoo. Whether these are sayings, intricate designs or awareness ribbons, tattoos are a constant reminder that you can get through this. Whenever you’re having a bad day, and that hopelessness creeps in, you can look at your tattoo and remember that there is, in fact, hope.

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