African Americans with disabilities lose ground in job participation rates, report finds

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Dive Brief:

  • More people with disabilities were employed in 2017 than 2016; 34.6% were employed in 2016 and 35.5% were employed in 2017, according to data in the Disability Statistics Compendium, a report released by the Institute on Disability at the University of New Hampshire.
  • The employment rate for African Americans with disabilities, however, is several percentage points below the overall average at 28.6%. “Employment rates only tell part of the story,” RespectAbility Policy and Practices Director Philip Kahn-Pauli said in a press release. “When you look at the employment rates among people with disabilities across racial lines, you find serious gaps in outcomes.”
  • More than 3 million working-age African Americans have a disability, and, of those, only 934,589 have jobs, the data revealed. The report found African Americans with disabilities made job gains in 22 states, losing ground in 28 states. In Missouri, the worst state for losses, 7,686 African Americans with disabilities exited the workforce.

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