The anxiety of having a medical procedure with an unpredictable body

By Claire G: For More Info, Go Here…

Most chronic illnesses bring a degree of anxiety with them. Experiencing symptoms and being diagnosed with a chronic condition often means entering into the unknown — we do not know for sure how we are going to experience the condition, how or whether it is going to progress, and how it will impact upon our lives.

Something I hadn’t anticipated when I first started seeing doctors about my multiple chronic illnesses, however, was that, on occasion, it would be those very doctors that were apprehensive about how to treat my unpredictable body, which then, in turn, made me apprehensive about my very being . . .

One of my conditions, mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS), has dramatically changed how doctors treat me, both in terms of ‘treatment’ in the medical sense of prescribing me certain medications and supplements, and ‘treatment’ in the sense of how they respond to me when a procedure or surgery is necessary. As the organisation Mast Cell Action notes, in a person with MCAS, the mast cells are inappropriately triggered to release histamine and other chemical mediators. At its worst, for a minority of patients with the condition, MCAS can cause the person to go into anaphylaxis, a potentially life-threatening event.

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