Nursing Facility Transition Services Program

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ngd-NFT Services are now a part of the Michigan Medicaid State Plan, and not just a Medicaid Waiver, which should make them much more easily available to people who want to leave nursing homes. This page, I think, is a new more public version of what supports are available to those who want to transition to the community…

Transition Services are Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) authorized through §1915(i) of the Social Security Act to assist nursing facility residents that would like to explore community-based living options.

Transition Services are non-reoccurring expenses necessary to enable an individual that is transitioning from a nursing facility or other institutional setting to the community to establish a basic household and do not constitute room and board.

Services are available to beneficiaries residing in a nursing facility and are offered to assist in securing housing and in facilitating a successful discharge into the community.

To determine eligibility or to receive addiitional information regarding Transition Services contact us at (833)-686-7770 or .

One-time Transition Services include:

  • Housing and security deposit required to secure adequate accomodations within the community.
  • Household needs such as furniture, window coverings, food preparation items and linens.
  • Health and safety needs such as pest removal, allergen control and cleaning services.
  • Assistance with utility service initiation fees including telephone, electricity, heating and water.
  • Various transition supports and services.

Transition Services are offered by an agency:

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