Could Histamine Intolerance be the Underlying Cause of Your Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

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What is Histamine Intolerance

The term histamine intolerance is misleading because it is not an issue of intolerance, but an issue of overload.

Histamine intolerance occurs when there is an accumulation of histamine in the body. Either due to increased histamine availability or impaired histamine degradation [7].

Think of histamine levels as a cup. Our body is designed to manage and maintain histamine levels up to a point — but when histamine levels are too high, the cup overflows.

It is this overflowing of the cup that creates the negative symptoms associated with histamine intolerance.

Signs You May Have Histamine Intolerance

The signs of histamine intolerance can be quite broad and include [8,9]:

Brain fog and poor concentration
Headaches or migraines
Difficulty falling asleep and/or insomnia
Joint pain
Digestive disturbances
Unexplained weakness
Abnormal menstrual cycle
Tissue swelling/inflammation
Temperature dysregulation
Dizziness or vertigo
Breathing problems
Severe allergies
Acid reflux

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