Sky makes Game of Thrones accessible to visually impaired

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To make the new season of Game of Thrones accessible to those with disabilities, such as the visually impaired, Sky has employed the skills of actor and writer Neville Watchurst, who describes all of the episodes in extraordinary detail to allow those with sight loss the chance to feel all the action.

Watchurst has written a blog on how he goes about his task – and how he acheives speedy turnaround times to deliver his content to Sky ready for transmission.

The blog reads:

“There’s always a definite buzz and a lot of chatter when a new series of I appears over the horizon. For some of us at Sky, though, while the buzz is certainly felt, chatter is a major no-no – rather as if we’d been made to sign the Official Secrets Act.

Each episode is released quite late-minute, which means that all the processes which have to be completed before it goes to air have to be turned round pretty sharply – audio description included.

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