The Thoughtful Vegetable: Life-Saving Treatment

by Angela Ronson: For More Info, Go Here...

I was refused life-saving treatment by the government. I write this now so obviously I am still alive. I went through Stanford’s free medical clinic as an indigent (penniless). They provided the necessary treatment, at a loss to the university.

Now the government just ignores me. What can they do? Admit they didn’t do anything?

I am still Total Care. I do not walk. I do not eat. Nutrition comes from a feeding tube. I still have the vegetative diagnosis. These would all be grounds for letting a patient go.

I do something, though that is very different. I talk. I speak and I write. I use one finger to write down my thoughts, as my speech isn’t always understandable. My speech continues to improve, though. There was a time when I couldn’t talk.

It was expected that I would die when I was sent home. I wouldn’t have 24-hr nursing care. No one considered me. I remembered. Long ago I worked in a care home. I just relayed important info to whomever does my care now.

As for other medical stuff, I’ll just say that I know.

Now what? I’m not dying anytime soon. Can I be conscious now?

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