Asperger Syndrome and Empathy: Analysis and Misconceptions

By Mike Cassell: For More Info, Go Here…

ngd-this fits well with my experience….

It also goes without saying that even though most of us share the primal ability to form connections with other people in a basic way, we all may bond, love, and empathize in different ways and styles. This comparison and contrasting of empathy and bonding similarities and differences can best be demonstrated in people who have Asperger Syndrome and other forms of “milder” autism (spectral people) vs people who don’t fall anywhere on the autism spectrum (allistic people).

To put this in perspective, let’s suppose that you just got an ugly, new haircut and you ask someone on the spectrum what they think of it. He or she may very well tell you something along the lines of “That haircut is very ugly”; not because they are trying to hurt your feelings, but because they are simply stating the obvious without realizing that what they are saying can be considered hurtful. This may very well SEEM like a lack of empathy on their part.

However, if their comment does end up hurting your feelings in an obvious way, the spectral person will very well feel very bad that they hurt your feelings and may very well be able to relate it to a time that they too had their feelings hurt if you try to ask them how they would feel if someone said the same thing to them; even if they didn’t understand at first why their comment about your new haircut hurt your feelings. In other words, they may be able to put themselves in your shoes and relate to how you feel, but not initially understand why their comment made you feel that way.

In contrast, someone who truly lacks empathy like a clinical sociopath or someone with a severe narcissistic personality disorder may comment on your ugly haircut and upon hurting your feelings may very well justify their comment with something along the lines of “Well, then you shouldn’t have gotten such an ugly haircut. It’s your fault that your feelings got hurt”.

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