Are you Ashamed of Being Sick and Broke?

By Kitty Hannah Eden: For More Info, Go Here…

The absence of universal health care in the US can cost you years of your life.

I lost five after major depressive disorder felled me in 2013. The illness did away with my writing voice and annihilated my livelihood, catapulting my household into hardship.

And then it began to erase me as a person and a wife.

Not that the highway back to mental health wasn’t always obvious: therapy. But because my household had to survive on one salary, there was no money for insurance co-pays, at least not if we wanted to have a roof over our heads and eat.

Depression became a source of shame as guilt took hold because I felt directly responsible for our financial woes.

The shame and despair inherent to my circumstances often led me to consider taking my own life. Putting an end to my miserable existence would be the only way to provide some relief to everyone inconvenienced by it, not least myself.

And then I realized my husband wouldn’t even be able to afford a funeral .

Even in death, I’d be an extra bill.

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