Mark Reinstein Honored at 2019 NAMI Michigan Black Tie Honors Gala

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One of the things I’ve learned is, you never know everything, and I never will. But I do know that our publicly funded mental health system is in grave condition, and now some powerful legislators are pushing the only thing that could make the system even worse – that is, totally privatizing it. I would trade every award I’ve ever received for a public mental health system that works well. But, the powers-that-be don’t consider mental health a priority issue and aren’t interested in taking steps that would improve the system and make our constituents’ lives better….

I read an internet headline a couple weeks ago that gave me pause for thought: What’s the difference between an advocate and an activist? If you asked me a month ago what I am, I’d have answered an advocate. But as I pondered that headline, I came to the conclusion that over the years I turned from an advocate into an activist. I’ve developed a burning passion to make matters right when it comes to mental health.

I leave you tonight with the message that we need an army not of advocates, but of activists.

We need to make things right! If we can build that army of activists, we will prevail. If we can’t, I worry we’ll be here annually lamenting why things aren’t better.

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