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  1. To any of you out there who haven’t looked at the hashtag is a fantastic document of some the crap people in our community have to deal w/ daily. However woke you think you are on Disability issues you should read it. Thanks to for starting it!

  2. Lady: I saw your org advocates for disabled ppl to have better access to buses Me: yep. Do you need our help? L: yes I dont want disabled ppl on the bus. They take too long to get on&off &now theres even more of them M: I’ll tell my team they’re doing great work

  3. Lady to her kid as I get out of my car: I work so hard & my $ goes to these ppl. She has a nicer car than me Me (loudly): I’m a lawyer. You didnt pay for my car, I did Her: Me: Dont worry, I’m a lawyer that fights 4 Medicaid so your $ goes to keeping ppl alive

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