What is the link between psoriatic arthritis and depression?

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Along with its effects on the joints and skin, psoriatic arthritis can affect a person’s mental health. People with psoriatic arthritis are more likely to experience depression.

2014 study looked at the mental health of 306 people with PsA and 135 people with psoriasis but not PsA. The authors report that depression and anxiety were more common among people with PsA than among those with psoriasis alone.

In this study, several factors linked to QoL played a role in the development of depression. These included disease activity, pain, fatigue, and disability.

Fatigue and sleep disorders

Fatigue and sleep disorders are both risk factors for depression. They are also common symptoms of PsA.

2017 study looked at the relationship between PsA, sleep quality, and mental health. Researchers spoke to 41 people with PsA and 38 people without PsA.

Those with PsA reported more severe sleep disturbances. Sleep disturbance was especially linked with pain, inflammation, anxiety, and reduced QoL.

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