The Complete Guide to Coping with Misophonia

By Julia Odom: For More Info, Go Here…

Do noises like chewing, pen-clicking, or slurping send you into a rage? Here’s what you can do to cope with misophonia.

Everyone experiences problems with unpleasant sounds: maybe it’s a dog barking or a baby crying. That’s quite normal. What is not normal is when this becomes a daily or hourly occurrence, and when it starts to interfere with your life. That’s when it becomes clinical misophonia.

I have been suffering from this hidden mental condition since childhood, and I am learning every day how to manage it. I hope that by shedding some light onto this mysterious condition, I am able to help misophonia sufferers and to hopefully share some insight about how to cope with — and even possibly cure — this isolating condition. If you’re a person close to someone suffering from misophonia, I hope this article gives you a deeper understanding that may be helpful as well.

What is Misophonia?
Reactions to Triggers
Coping Skills
Coping Skills That Work
Use white noise
Use earplugs
Music therapy
Headsets at the theater
Imagine yourself in their shoes
Leave and breathe
Explain it to people
Join a forum
What Doesn’t Work
Exposure therapy
Freaking out
Hiding away
Beyond Coping Skills

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