Digital physical therapy tool improved knee patients’ recovery

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Two papers from Sword Health’s researchers suggest the company’s Digital Therapist platform is well received and more effective than standard rehabilitation.

Sword Health has highlighted data from two recently published studies indicating that its artificial intelligence-powered digital physical therapy tool more effectively improved recovery among patients recuperating from total knee arthroplasty.

Both investigations were conducted by researchers with affiliations with the Portuguese company, and suggest that the intervention could improve patient recovery time, engagement and quality of life.

“These findings prove Sword Health’s innovative approach is the future of physical therapy,” Sword Health CEO Virgílio Bento said in a statement. “We are not just dramatically reducing costs for physical therapy. We are actually proving to be a better, faster, and tremendously more convenient approach to physical therapy that enables patients to recover at home.”

The Sword Digital Therapist is a digital rehabilitation tool that consists of a motion tracker to measure movement, a mobile app and a web portal. Users complete guided physical therapy sessions, while their progress is supervised by a remote clinician.

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