Whistleblower suit against HCA hospital unsealed

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Overcrowded San Jose property allegedly submitted false inpatient claims.

HCA Healthcare has been accused of submitting false claims to government insurance programs at a hospital in San Jose, California, according to a recently unsealed federal whistleblower suit filed in 2017.

According to the complaint, Regional Medical Center officials submitted fraudulent inpatient care claims to federal and state insurance providers while patients were still physically located in the hospital’s emergency department. The hospital allegedly required ER nurses to fraudulently chart medical records that led to higher reimbursements.

“The Regional Medical Center is frequently out of beds in its units and the emergency department is frequently well over capacity,” the complaint details. “When this happens, patients that have been admitted to the hospital from the emergency department are left waiting in the emergency department. These patients that are admitted into fabricated room but that are still physically waiting in the emergency department for a bed in their admitted unit are known as ‘holds.'”

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