The Medicare For All Conversation Must Include The Disability Community

By MIA IVES-RUBLEE: For More Info, Go Here…

ngd-We need to keep repeating this over and over again or they will leave our community out of the discussion of Medicare for All…..

“Medicare for All” has become the new buzzy slogan for progressives in 2019, and everyday Americans have latched onto the movement. Yet as the conversation around Medicare for All rages on, there are key voices missing: those of poor and disabled people.

Previous proposals for a Medicare for All policy, like the one put forward by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), have proposed getting rid of most of Medicaid, a program that 75 million poor and disabled people rely on to obtain the services they need for little or no cost. Many services covered under Medicaid — like community-based long term support services (LTSS) that help keep disabled people in their homes — aren’t covered under Medicare.

Repeatedly, the disability community has asked to be included in discussions that affect us.

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