Pioneering disability rights attorney Carrie Ann Lucas dies

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Editor’s note: Carrie Ann Lucas, a nationally known disability rights attorney and mother of four, died today, Sunday, Feb. 24, 2019. She was 47. Lucas’s death was announced on her Facebook page by family and friends, who said she “died after an arbitrary denial from an insurance company caused a plethora of health problems, exacerbating her disabilities and eventually leading to her premature death.” This profile of Lucas was originally published in The Independent on Oct. 28, 2016.

The most vocal critic of a proposed ballot measure that would let dying people take prescribed life-ending drugs is a 44-year-old lawyer and disability rights activist named Carrie Ann Lucas.

It is Lucas who joins – or leads – public protests, who talks to reporters, who takes on the issue at debate after debate. Inevitably someone will suggest her arguments are selfish or callous, or that she is a fear-monger. Her critics’ understanding of the measure is as flawed as the measure itself, she will say, not without empathy. She knows people behaving in the name of love and mercy can’t always hear beyond the cry of their own hearts.

“I don’t want anyone to die in pain, either, and have a miserable death,” Lucas says. “But I also want to make sure that we are legislating laws that protect the most vulnerable people. And this doesn’t do that.”

In her newspaper op-eds, she describes what those who have not seen her may not know: She has a degenerative neuromuscular disease. She uses a wheelchair. She breathes through a ventilator. She has a gastrostomy tube. Lucas presents the details of her disease in the same straightforward way that she says she lives in Windsor as a single mom with four children — all adopted, all with disabilities. Her manner suggests it would be wise to stifle any hint of pity. For that matter, do not veer into some version of “I could never do what you do,” because, really, you don’t know what you are talking about. Human beings have no idea what they are capable of.

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