Removing Barriers: the board game that educates about disabling barriers

By Toyah Wordsworth: For More Info, Go Here…

ngd-A kind of Ableism Monopoly…

Starting my own business

I felt it was time to start my own enterprise, Equal Equality, which delivers disability equality training. This got me thinking – what kind of disability education was needed for different types of organizations, such as schools. I knew children might struggle to concentrate on me speaking to them for an hour, and so an idea formed in my head – how about I create a board game that could be used to educate and inspire a wide variety of people about disability?

I gathered information and used my own experiences to create a fun and interactive game – and so the Removing Barriers board game was born. It had instant success in my Disability Equality Training workshops. People loved it!

I continued to change and improve it based on feedback and, in 2008, a Princes Trust Award meant I could have a professional copy printed, featuring cartoon artwork by Dave Lupton from Crippen Cartoons.


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