Meet the Deaf-Blind Lawyer Fighting For People With Disabilities

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It’s easy to forget how inaccessible our world is to anyone with limited vision or hearing. Even something as simple as watching a Facebook video is a challenge due to access barriers.

Haben Girma is fighting to change that. Ahead is a transcript of Haben’s interview so that it’s accessible to everyone.

Video: Haben sits on a couch

Haben: Deaf-blindness is a rare disability, so most of the time I’m the first person in a certain situation. So I’m used to being a pioneer.

Video: The first shot is Haben typing on a keyboard, and the second shot is Haben speaking at an event Title reads: Meet the Deaf-Blind Lawyer Fighting For People With Disabilities

Video: Haben sits on a couch

Haben: A lot of my friends know better than to tell me that I can’t do something because that’s actually encouragement to try to find a solution.

Video: In the first shot, Haben communicates via sign language with a student. In the next four shots, she surfs, dances, skis, and scales a building. Graphic: Haben Girma was born deaf-blind, meaning she has limited hearing and vision But that hasn’t stopped her from surfing, dancing, skiing, and even scaling a building Video: Haben smiles Graphic: Growing up, Haben attended mainstream public schools and quickly learned to adapt Video: Haben sits on a couch, talking

Haben: When I was in school, I had a teacher who trained me how to travel as a blind person. Video: A bus drives down the street Haben: I remember one of the lessons; she intentionally had me miss my stop so that I could learn how to problem solve when things go wrong.

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