This woman has been arrested 131 times fighting for disability rights

By Lola Fadulu: For More Info, Go Here…

One of the most striking protests in Washington, D.C. so far this year—and there have been many, over everything from immigration to taxes—came courtesy of ADAPT, a grassroots disability rights organization on the front lines of the battle for health care.

In June, ADAPT staged a demonstration against Republicans’ proposed cuts to Medicaid outside Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell’s office. Dozens of disabled protesters held a “die-in”, removing themselves from wheelchairs and scooters and lying on the floor.

Anita Cameron, one of the protesters arrested that day, has a message for people who are shocked by the photos. “Concentrate on why we’re there, and not how we’re being treated” by police, she says. “People look at the disability and they think we are helpless or fragile…and that’s so far from the truth.”

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