Rehabbed to Death NEJM Perspective

by Lynn Flint: For More Info, Go Here…

Three reasons you should listen to or watch this podcast:

  1. The issue of patients cycling back and forth between the hospital and skilled nursing facilities near the end of life is common, will ring true to those of you who are clinicians, and has largely been ignored in the literature.  This is core bread and butter geriatrics and palliative care.  Unfortunately, it’s not something we have focused on to the same extent as “code status” or “advance care planning.”  But you can make the argument that it’s as or more important as those issues.
  2. It’s about a hot off the press article published today in the NEJM.  I think the NEJM was interested because this issue is driven by a number of health policies that create perverse incentives to cycle patients back and forth between hospital and skilled nursing facilities, rather than care for them at home.  We wrote it up primarily because we were interested in the communication failures issues that perpetuate this cycle.
  3. Lynn Flint, Palliative care doc at UCSF in the Division of Geriatrics, first author, and our guest, makes me sing “Hit Me Baby One More Time” by Brittany Spears.  This moment is either a new high or a new low for the GeripPal podcast, I can’t tell which.  You really need to listen to the final seconds when Eric joins in singing, “still believe” in high falsetto.

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