8 disability rights activists changing the world for disabled people

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The rights that we as a disabled community have – and may even take for granted – have been fought for by disability rights activists, working tirelessly to help create change. Disability Horizons writer Raya Aljadir takes a look at eight extraordinary people whose work has undoubtedly had an impact on disabled people’s lives.

“I am sure you would agree, we owe a lot to disability rights activists from across the world. I would love to highlight them all in this article, but it would be impossible. So, I have tried to be as diverse as possible, including people of mixed genders and various background, and representing a wide variety of disability rights.

If you know of any disability activists that should be celebrated – or if you are indeed one yourself – let us know by leaving your comments below, messaging Disability Horizons on Facebook or tweeting us @DHorizons.

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