Know the Rights of Tenants with Disabilities

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We know that all tenants have certain legal rights, but it’s important to recognize that tenants with disabilities have additional unique rights under both Michigan and federal law. These laws are designed to protect the most vulnerable people in the population when it comes to housing. They also help clarify exactly what landlords and property managers must do to accommodate these rights.

As a key point in fair housing law, the idea here is that landlords cannot offer different treatment to tenants or applicants based on their disability – including former disabilities or the mistaken belief that the tenant or applicant has a disability. This protection extends to the tenant’s family, including children. The result is that a landlord or property manager may be required to allow the tenant to make physical modifications to the home or unit so that they can live as conveniently as other tenants do, and possibly adjust any policies and practices that may affect the tenant.

To fully explore this topic, let’s begin by examining which specific disabilities are protected under the law.

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