How to relieve nerve pain in MS

By Jamie Eske

Multiple sclerosis causes many symptoms, including loss of mobility, fatigue, and pain. There are, however, lots of prescribed and natural remedies that can help lessen the impact of the pain.

This article focuses on natural remedies that people can try at home to help manage their MS pain.

Pressure on the body as a result of immobility, spasticity, or stress can contribute to pain in the limbs. However, massage therapy can be useful in improving leg function for people with MS.

One study shows that massage therapy treatments can significantly reduce pain in the legs and improve the overall personal health of people with MS.

The researchers set out to determine whether massage therapy impacts leg functionality.

The conclusion is that while massage therapy can improve mobility by reducing pain, these effects are temporary.

Massages help lessen pain by reducing tension on pain receptors and stimulating the release of endorphins.

Massages are also relaxing in nature. They may relieve feelings of stress and anxiety, both of which can significantly impact quality of life.

Walking, if it is possible, is another way to relieve pain in the legs.

Some people with MS report feeling a burning or aching sensation in their arms. Doctors may call these sensations “dysesthesias.” Applying a warm compress to the skin in the area can improve the burning or aching sensation.

A condition that doctors call “erythromelalgia” is a painful MS symptom that affects the feet. The feet may feel tight or swollen as well as have a burning sensation.

Some remedies for hot feet include:

  • wearing pressure socks
  • placing a cool or warm compress on the skin
  • swimming, if it is possible
  • soaking the feet in lukewarm or cool water
  • elevating the feet


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