Do they not understand or not care?

by Zechariah Richardson

Ah the spoonie life, that hotchpotch of symptoms, ailments and conditions that cast us from society to live like some kind of modern day hermit!

So when a social occasion comes along, it’s difficult and made even more frustrating by people not being able to understand or just not caring.

We had a quiet Christmas day planned but my wife planned for family to visit on Boxing day!

I find this hard as the noise and the multiple converstations is literally like mental torture and trying to explain that to someone is almost impossible, they just presume that we are miserable, unsociable and intolerant.

We swap the days we see family around over christmas every year, my wife’s parents are divorced and remarried and so that creates more pieces to the puzzle of social arrangements.

This year my mum escaped abroad and so my wife planned a quiet Christmas day and on Boxing day to invite her mum and step dad and her dad and his wife and also our daughter, her partner and the grandkids.

Of course she knows that I feel the impending doom as soon as it is mentioned, but she understands and so keeps it to as few as possible. We could spread the visits out over a few days but that means more days of me struggling to cope with visitors!

So when my brother in law asked about Christmas my wife explained the situation although everyone knows about my health and she invited him and his girlfriend and kids over on Christmas eve.

I feel bad, I really do. My wife loves to entertain and enjoys the party atmosphere and I hate that my health stands in the way of that.

So on Christmas eve I explained to my brother in law and his girlfriend that I was sorry, I explained why and how too many people makes my health even worse.

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