Electronic Visit Verification (EVV): A Blueprint for Self-Direction

by Applied Self Direction

An overview a=of how EVV COULD support self-direction. Don’t get your hopes up!!

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV): A Blueprint for Self-Direction was developed to provide detailed information regarding how EVV can be successfully implemented in self-direction. For purposes of this resource, successful implementation is defined as one that protects and upholds the participants choice and control over their services and supports while strengthening program integrity.
This resource is intended to be a guide for stakeholders developing their own EVV products for use in self-direction programs. It is also intended to help stakeholders evaluate existing EVV products to determine whether these products will be compatible with their operational needs.
Early EVV products were designed for use in home care provided by a traditional agency. In this context, EVV was successful in reducing a form of Medicaid fraud that occurs when payment is made for services that were not provided. Given the success and rapid growth of EVV in traditional services, several states implemented EVV in their self-direction programs; however, these early implementations proved challenging.

Widespread pushback emerged among participants, families, and workers, who felt that
EVV decreased participants’ choice and control over their services. For example, some early EVVsystems relied on landline phones in a participant’s home to verify services, which forced people to remain at home while receiving services and limited their access to the broader community.
The EVV industry has grown and matured over the last decade, and many vendors now advertise that their products are able to serve self-direction programs.3 However, not all EVV systems currently on the market provide the full range of functionality necessary to support a successful implementation. In other words, it is unlikely that an EVV system designed solely to support traditional personal care and home health services can be implemented successfully in self-direction unless additional functionality is

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