A New Disability Poetics Symposium

from Pennsound Center for programs in contemporary writing

Organized by Jennifer BartlettAriel Resnikoff, Adam Sax, and Orchid Tierney, in collaboration with Knar Gavin, Declan Gould, Davy Knittle, and Michael Northen.

Larry Eigner’s Disability Poetics

Moderated by Charles Bernstein

  1. George Hart, “Larry Eigner’s Ecrippoetics” (22:14): MP3
  2. Michael Davidson, “’the endless / Room at the center’: Doing Time With Eigner” (29:33): MP3
  3. Jennifer Bartlett, “Projective Verse” (24:27): MP3
  4. Full reading (1:22:45): MP3

Disability & Performance

Moderated by Declan Gould

  1. torrin a. greathouse, “Bridging or Burning the Empathy Gap: Perfomance as Affective Labor” (18:10): MP3
  2. Camisha Jones, presentation (17:02): MP3
  3. Q&A (4:53): MP3
  4. Full reading (44:22): MP3

Poetic Experiment & Disability

Moderated by Orchid Tierney

  1. Sharon Mesmer, “Sea Monster in the Brain: Temporal Lobe Epilepsy and Poetic Experimentation” (17:24): MP3
  2. Gaia Thomas, “The I without certainty” (17:40): MP3
  3. Q&A (25:19): MP3A
  4. Full reading (1:00:32): MP3

and a good sample of readings….

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