The Thoughtful Vegetable: I Still Haven’t Woken Up

by Angela Ronson

I haven’t returned to work yet because I’m still in a coma. I will explain. The government plays up death, mine anyway, so hence my diagnosis is semi-vegetative. “Vegetative” is close to death. “Semi” was added when I didn’t immediately die and started recovering abilities. You now get this from someone who is semi-vegetative. I doubt a vegetative patient can do this.
“Work” was a Behavior Specialist for a county mental health. Before that I ran an early intervention program for kids under 5 who were at risk of having a disability. Yes, I was in charge. It served 5 counties and took care of a big piece of northern California. When I went to Mental Health up in the mountains, I ended up as that particular county’s vice president of First 5. ( My county was Sierra.)

I already had a background rich in dealing with trauma. Disability is no stranger to me. You can see that my current network was full of professionals. These people were my friends. I got the best and brightest info as advice.
Now, how am I still in a coma?

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