Disability and Inclusion Challenge: Winning Ideas Announced!


The Amplify team is thrilled to announce the Amplify Disability and Inclusion Challenge winners! After reviewing more than 450 submissions over the course of the past three months, we have selected six winning ideas that we believe will help to create more inclusive communities globally.

We have been deeply inspired by all of the ideas from this Challenge focused on novel ways to ensure social services are accessible to all, supporting persons with disabilities to find and thrive at work, and using context-appropriate products as tools for inclusion.

Creating Safe Spaces for Girls and Women with Disabilities


Rwandan Organization of Women with Disability will launch an improved scorecard on disability inclusion, which will enable proactive problem solving and collaboration.

“UNABU is excited to be part of the Amplify’s community. A new era, new learning, and new hopes towards inclusive community where girls and women with disabilities live safely and happily.” Mathilde Umuraza, Chairperson, Rwandan Organization of Women with Disability

Global Toolbox for an Inclusive Workplace

Nepal + Kenya

Humanity & Inclusion’s toolbox will assist employers in creating work spaces, tools and work methods that are accessible for persons with disabilities.

“In 35 years, we’ve learned how sometimes simple accommodations can help a person with a disability thrive at work. This grant gives us an opportunity to create a toolkit that’s accessible to employers who aren’t used to hiring someone with a disability, and in turn, to unlock the potential of employees with disabilities. With so many barriers prohibiting persons with disabilities from enjoying decent work, it’s critical that we give employers all the tools they need to break down the barriers in their own workplaces, and ultimately employ more talented individuals with disability.” Herve Bernard, Head of Inclusion Unit, Humanity & Inclusion

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