Get a Discount on You Electricity?

A friendly reminder that if your disability requires you to use your AC/Heater or other electrical equipment excessively, you might be able to get a discount on your electric bill.

After talking to some people on this subreddit, I thought I would remind people that there might be a way to save some extra money on their bill. I have to use my AC all Summer long and it costs a lot. I just moved and found out about the program. My doctor and I filled out the form and it immediately applied a discount on my bill. I know lots of us need to save money anyway we can and this is a quick and easy way to possibly help out others.

Wow I didn’t know about this. I have complications from meningitis and I overheat and sweat like crazy. Half my meds exacerbate it too. Currently wearing shorts and flip flops in Connecticut a day shy of November.

They might possibly have something on their website to print out.


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