The Thoughtful Vegetable: Patients Are Not Heavy

Two years ago, Medicare cut off the formula for my g-tube (feeding tube). I get by now with a Medicare supplement insurance through Blue Cross. They pay for my formula and supplies. The government does not. This was the Terri Schiavo issue. It wasn’t about her feeding tube as much as the food. They (Florida) argued that they didn’t have to feed her.
In these cases, know that “food” is a medically necessary formula. I also have a feeding tube. 
Last year I sent a complaint to the UN. Taking away anything that is medically necessary becomes a violation and is a crime against humanity. The following, minus any comments, updates, and the song is what I sent.

I write this despite being made vegetative after a severe brain injury. I also have a feeding tube. Obviously, something scientific is going on. I can only assume my current status prevents investigation.

The United Nations is now involved. They can investigate. This is a global issue. Countries other than the United States look for direction. Medically providing nutrition constitutes feeding a person. Countries don’t feed its residents, but don’t they provide basic healthcare?

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