When disaster strikes, apps save lives. We’ve experienced the social impact disaster management apps can have first hand through our work with The Red Cross. Here are the top nine features that we believe can make mobile apps help during a crisis.

The Red Cross Emergency app.

Emergency developed by 3 Sided Cube for The Red Cross is a disaster management platform that was put to the test during Hurricane Harvey and Irma late last year. Together the storms caused the worst flooding disaster in U.S history. But thanks to the Red Cross, many lives were saved through relief workers, shelters and the Emergency app that people were relying on.

As the hurricane hit, people were using the app to track the storm, get alerts if they were in danger, and plan evacuation routes in worst-case scenarios. To put things into perspective, the app had 75 million server requests for emergency information during the hurricane.

(L)ife-saving features:

Feature 1) Prepare users with advice beforehand

How do you prepare for a disaster?

Feature 2) Maps to track hazards in real-time

How do you track disasters?

Feature 3) Evacuation and safety planning

What’s the best way to plan an evacuation?

Feature 4) Location monitoring and hazard alerts

How do you know that disaster is about to strike?

Feature 5) Location sharing and safety notifications

Making sure your family is safe.

Feature 6) Resilience and reliability

How do you make sure your app doesn’t crash?

Feature 8) People power and hazard alert sharing

People are your biggest asset!

Feature 9) Make external data reliable and useful

Which data sources should you use?


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