Person-Centred Emergency Preparedness

An all-hazards approach to enabling emergency preparedness in others. These are videos on the following topics:

Functional Capabilities and Support Needs in Emergency Situations

Emergency Preparedness is a Process

Key Features of Person-Centred Emergency Preparedness

There is also a User Guide:

The Person-Centred Emergency Preparedness (PCEP) tool is designed for use by community health and disability providers to enable emergency preparedness in others. The PCEP can be used to facilitate meaningful conversations with clients in the community that raise awareness about emergency preparedness to:

Improve emergency preparedness for people with chronic health conditions and disability
Reduce negative consequences of disaster triggered by natural hazard emergencies, and
Improve recovery following a natural hazard event.
Read our user guide to gain a better understanding of person-centered emergency preparedness and pick up practical tips on facilitating meaningful, thorough, and critical conversations.


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