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Nature Sounds

An interesting thing about nature sounds is that people actually like them more than the music produced by a billion dollar industry. If you think about it, music is very subjective – usually people like some genres and dislike others and there is no music that everybody likes. However nature sounds get much wider appreciation – it is hard to find a person that does not like the sound of beach waves crashing against the shore.

Why is that? Perhaps because being in nature, surrounded by pure acoustics of the environment, gives a feeling of overwhelming calm that is hard to experience in urban surroundings. Probably that is related to a human brain reacting positively when exposed to nature sounds. Actually, nature is our ancient environment, so the emotions it produces in our brain with its sounds are among most pleasurable and feels somewhat like “returning home”. So being in nature or listening to relaxing nature sounds can be a great stress relief for the brain, since it is basically coded and shaped at times deep in prehistory when human communities were living in an environment of such sounds.

However with nature sounds being as much appreciated as they are you might still find some sounds a little annoying, too loud, too quiet or too rhythmic. Therefore I have made this nature sounds mixer so that you could create a sound composition exactly by your liking. Each person is different and so are the reasons for using it. But most commonly people use this tool to relax, fall asleep, study (noise blocker) and meditate.

White Noise

There are times when the space around you is just too loud and you need some kind of a white noise to mask all those distracting sounds, which may come from your noisy neighbors while you are trying to sleep, or from loud collegues when you are trying to focus on your job, or from a TV in the next room while you are trying to study.

This website will help you to find good solutions to these problems.

What is white noise sound?

The precise explanation of this term may not be very easy to understand, but simply speaking it is a noise in which all sound frequencies audible to human ear are in equal intensity (desibels). Due to the fact that human ear is made in a such way that it is more sensitive to sound frequencies between 2-5kHz white noise does not sound very pleasant to most of the people if played loudly. Therefore many listeners prefer pink noise or brown noise (afraid not Southpark Fans 🙂 – brown or Brownian noise will not influence your digestive system!). These noises have more powerful bass frequencies and less powerful higher frequencies (brown noise has even more powerful bass than pink).

Sometimes people by words “white noise” mean any kind of noise which can mask other unwanted sounds. The role of such “white noise” may play a sound of a hair dryer, sound of rain, sound of waterfall etc. There are devices called white noise machines, that can play such sounds, but why would you need one when you can play these sounds for free? 🙂

White noise mp3 files

It might be the only thing you came here for – a bunch of free mp3 files of various noise types made by white noise generator. Click here for downloads section.

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