Law professor explains how checking if you’re registered to vote can make a difference

In Michigan, you can check whether you are registered by going to the Michigan Voter Information Center that is part of the Secretary of States Office. I checked and I’m registered…..

A former US attorney in the Northern District of Alabama, @JoyceWhiteVance explained how voters can check if they’re registered to vote in states where people can be marked “inactive” for alleged non-voting in past elections. States cannot make changes to voter lists within 90 days of a federal election, she explained. The midterm election is on November 6.

1. Here’s a little public service announcement about your vote & the November elections. If you live in a state that is pruning its voter rolls or moving people to inactive status & you want to make sure you can vote on 11/6, what should you do? Read on, the time to act is now.

2. The Nat’l Voter Registration Action, also called the Motor Voter Act, provides that list maintenance programs cannot be undertaken within 90 days of a federal election. What is list maintenance & why should you care?

3. You may have heard about states where eligible voters were mysteriously “pruned” from voting rolls or moved to ineligible status? Despite concerns this was done to suppress Democratic votes, SCOTUS upheld these roll maintenance programs, so states can continue to do this.



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